May 25, 2022

MULTI ESSENCE – proud sponsor of Athletic club Žumberak

In order to achieve even better results in the new running season, Alkaloid and MULTI ESSENCE supported all the runners of the Athletic club Žumberak in 2022 with the product MULTIESSENCE Magnesium 400 + B complex and with new t-shirts!

Magnesium is recommended to all recreational and professional sportsmen, especially runners, because they have an increased demand for magnesium.

Why? For everyday hard trainings, our bodies need micro nutritionals. Thus, we should provide sufficient intake of magnesium as magnesium is important for electrolyte balance, normal muscle activity and normal nervous system functionality. It also helps with fatigue and normal energy production of the body.

For optimal magnesium use, body needs group B vitamins as well. B complex vitamins are essential nutrients with many important roles in the human metabolism.